Ano Syros

On the highest hilltop overlooking the capital Ermoupolis lies Ano Syros, with its famous Christian Church. Like the Orthodox church it is set in the spotlights in the evenings and night, creating a spectaculair site. Ano Syros is authentic and quiet with plenty of old houses, cobbled streets, stairs (which cannot be avoided), small churches. There is close to no traffic in Ano Syros and the views from the village down over the Bay and Ermoupolis are very rewarding.Ano Syros is the second largest city of Syros (after Ermoupolis, to which it is glued). Ano Syros was built by the Venetians in the early 13th century. It is accessible by car, but a large part of the city consists of marble stairs. The distance to the port of Ermoupolis is about one kilometer.

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