Jesuit Monastery

The monastery of “Panagia” was built in its current form in 1852 – 1853. The church of Panagia probably built in 1581; later extended & amended with the contribution – as in the case of the monastery – of the clergy and local people. The visitor can admire the corridor, the arches around the cistern, the very cistern, a church with its own peculiarities, the Community’s chapel, the gardens between the rocks, the views of Syros, villages and Apano Chora.
The history of the monastery shows that the Community passed all sorts of different people: ordinary monks and scholars, preachers and writers, prestigious personalities with rich and diverse action, hermits and holy men who left their heritage on the Rock. The first Jesuits arrived on the island in the 17th century. They were permanently settled in Ano Syros around 1744

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