7th Syros Accordion festival (20-25.8.2018)

syros accordion festival

This is the seventh year of the Festival, and we will celebrate it by playing, singing and dancing!We are planning a quite promising marriage of two music genres that are distinct but have a common rhythm, “Zonaradiko” and “Tarantella”, the first originating from Thrace, Northern Greece, and the second from Southern Italy. Throughout this union, we will cross the Balkans to reach the Mediterranean coasts.The Festival will take place from Monday to Saturday at the “Saint Paul” Mansion, with:

  • daily seminars led by renowned teachers
  • an exhibition around the world of the accordion music, with instruments, books, photographs, etc.
  • maintenance-repair workshop for accordion and percussion

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source & more details: https://syrosaccordionfestival.com/programme-2018/

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