At a distance of eight kilometers from Hermopolis of Syros to the west we meet the village of Danakos, which has about 70 permanent residents and belongs to the Municipality of Ano Syros. The houses of the village are picturesque and traditionally built, creating a beautiful landscape in the hinterland of the island.

Danakos is known for many reasons except from its beauty. The first is because it hosts in its boundaries the oldest church of Syros (with countless Catholic and Orthodox churches) San Kiriko.

The second reason is because here, in a small house in Danako, was born and lived as a child Markos Vamvakaris , the great musician rebetis that left a classical work and glorified Syros through his music – with Frangosyriani stands out between his work.

In the hamlet of Dnakos also, the visitor can admire the Catholic Church of St. Thiresia with the red roof

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