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Posidonia is a coastal village of Syros, in the gulf of Foinikas, in the southwest of the island. It’s away from Hermopolis 12 km and has about 800 residents. It is built on part of Syros that is fertile and green.

The settlement of Posidonia, which is one of the most popular summer resorts of Syros, is characterized by stately mansions that are built on both sides of the main road that crosses the village. These are the cottages of the lords of Syros, built in neoclassical designs of romanticism in the late 19th century, most between 1850 and 1880.

From the mansions of Posidonia stands out the villa Tsiropina (ex-mayor of Syros), which is characterized as a historical and maintained monument, while currently is used for various events.

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